About 3D printing

About 3D printing

With the introduction of 3D PRINTING, as reported in major newspapers and blogs, new opportunities are opening for the industry that have now a way to increase product innovations while reducing waste and cutting down production and molding costs.

The model obtained by the press FDM (fused deposition modeling), a process patented by Stratasys additive manufacturing, is in fact as perfect as functional with the modern 3D printers.

The procedure of creation of the new model in 3D is very simple: the drawing designed with any modeling software is acquired by a 3D printer that, through melting and stratification of thermoplastic polymers such as ABS, RUBBER, PLA, generates an object that is identical to the model on the computer. In particular, the material that is presented as a filament on a reel, feeds an extrusion head where it is getting melted to a liquid state and deposited on a tray where your ideas get shapes. The stratification of very thin layers of material leads to the creation of a physical 3D objects.

PLASTINK® is a real reference for the Italian market of 3D printer filaments, the first company manufacturing the filament in Italy it started right when Arduino and Sharebot just to name a few ones came out.

Currently our range of products ensured the highest filament quality standard for your 3D printers.
Our customers are professional 3d services operators, fab lab, architects, 3d printer enthusiasts.
When you need a reliable filament that can guarantee you a standard production and a very accurate gauge the name you are looking for is PLASTINK® –
We have over 20 years of experience on monofilament production under the brand AQUILA CORDE ARMONICHE, a worldwide leader on Musical Strings production.

Plastink®: the best quality for your 3D printer.

That’s why on our production facilities we are paying particular attention to the prime materials we use, the calibration and set up of the machinery and to in the end to the final product with constant quality check such laser check on filament gauges.

Our production can be certified with Safety Sheets for all our ABS, PLA and RUBBER filament.